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About me:  I’m a registered nurse, a mom, a wife, owned by three Australian Shepherds,one little kitty, love to garden, and really love to sew, embroider and quilt with my Husqvarna Viking sewing machines!  I enjoy sharing my projects. as well as my tips and hints with other like-minded sewists, and hope you find my blog a fine place to pass a little time, and maybe post a comment or two!



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  1. Hi Patty,
    Have been on the Viking Gems for many years. So nice to see you on the computer with your own site. I am a retired registered nurse and live in Stanwood, Washington. Have been doing machine embroidery for sooooo many years and started out with free motion before there were any designs and software. I have a DD and Designer SE. Look forward to your blog. Blessings. Roberta

  2. Thank you, Roberta, very kind of you to say! Hoping that I can continue to do a good job with my blog and projects! So many of us nurses who also sew and embroider! We’re the #2 job profile of sewists, quilters and machine embroiderers, right behind teachers! And, have a little surprise coming up in a couple of months for everyone, so stay tuned!

  3. Patty, this is the first time I have seen a pix of you. Totally not what I expected! You are younger & pretty. It is really nice to put a face to someone I enjoy chatting with & learning from.

    Karen I

  4. Well, thanks, Karen! Not sure about the younger part, but I’ll take the prettier, lol! Isn’t it so funny when we finally get to put a face to a name? One of the reasons I posted up my photo, since so many folks have no idea what I look like after all these years on our Viking lists on Yahoo Groups!

  5. Great to put a face to a name Patty. I so enjoy the Gems group, and now I have another place to visit.

    Peggy in Las Vegas

  6. Hi Patty, So glad I found your site . You are younger than I thought and you are a beautiful lady . I sure could have used the info on flash drives a few days ago and I printed out your information on stabilizers. Thank you so much .
    Also nice to see another member- Peggy – is from Las Vegas .
    Barbara Las Vegas.

  7. Hi Patty – I’m also a nurse. I bought a Topaz 50 a couple weeks ago and will make this my new hobby. I have never sewn before, not a stitch, but I was really impressed with the embroidery capabilities. I’ll be following this blog, as I have much to learn. One obvious detail missing in the manual is how to stop an embroidery one day, and restart the next. I have not figured out how to get back to the stopping point. I’m enrolled in the May class and will just have to wait, I guess.

    Bob from San Antonio

  8. It is so nice to see a picture of you. Not sure how you fit in all that you do to help us with 6D and Viking Gems but really glad you can. Thank you !!

  9. Hi patty, I thought I would check out your site. I seen you on the yahoo group and thought I would check this blog out. I don’t have a Royale, but I have a Diamond Deluxe. I am a hospice nurse. Looking forward to following you.

    • Thanks so much, Robin! I have been remiss in keeping my blog up, but I promise to post an update soon! And it should be applicable to all the lovely Gems lineup! You’re a very special kind of muse, lots of nurses who are Quilter’s, SewItsForSale and embroiderers! We’re the #2 profession right behind teachers.

  10. Topaz 20, Added magnetic hoop to my hoops. It show up when selecting design, but when i hit alt, to check design placement it says please select correct hoop. Please help. Oh there is no m behind the 180x 130 selection but in videos I noticed there is a M

    • Tracy, you need to make sure your Topaz is updated. The last update for our Gems included the addition of the new metal 180 x 130 hoop. It will indeed, have an “M” next to the name. Once your machine is updated, you can go to your Hoops menu, find the new 180 x 130 M hoop, and check it off. That way, your machine will recognize your new hoop! If you need help updating your machine, you can go to the Viking Designer Gems list, and search our FAQ Database. Just search using the word, “update”, and the instructions on how to update your machine will come right up for you.

  11. Blog fills a gap and offers helpful and thorough information – thanks for taking your valuable time and sharing your expertise – btw – incredible video and so informative about that little white monster Q foot – I broke my first one and a needle too – wish I had seen the video before the attempted and failed effort on my part – A follower from Wild and Wonderful WV

    • Well, very glad you found me, Sandy! Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some fun things for you! Have an embroidery project on the docket after I finish my little knit dress, something for the holidays!

  12. So glad I stumbled upon your site! I’ve had my Diamond for a year and quite frankly am still afraid of it! I told a friend that when I finally do conquer it I am going to write a book “Machine Embroidery for Dummies.” I always have so many questions and I find the book that came with it sadly lacking! Looks like I may not need to do that after all since finding you.
    Love the photos of your dogs and cat. I had an Aussie in the past and now have an Australian Cattle Dog. Love the herding breeds. My dear cat can make it difficult to sew as he insists upon sitting on top of my machine! Actually, he likes to sit on top of EVERYTHING I do!
    I look forward to future blogs.

    • Well, Barbara, really glad you found me, too! If you’re not a member of the Viking Designer Gems group on Yahoo Group: . I strongly urge you to join. We are a large group with many expert users. You’ll have to join Yahoo Groups, first, if you’re not a member, but that’s very easy to do. Then, submit your membership request. Be sure to give us a comment that mentions your machine and why you want to join (we screen our list spammers that way). We’ll get you up and running and fearless! And, we had a wonderful, lovely, loyal Australian Cattle Dog for 18 years. Rusty was the love of our life, and went to all my husband’s calf roping events. We would work the chutes, and was the only dog there brave enough to round up the bulls. We miss him a lot, but our 3 Aussie boys have won our hearts. I’ll only own a herding breed, they’re just the smartest dogs around.

  13. Great photo Patty! I love the pic of your dogs and cat – so cute! How do you find time to do all your sewing & embroidery? Looking forward to seeing some inspiring photos of your projects. Thanks!

    • Well, it’s tough, I will confess! Working full time makes my spare time very limited, especially since I also garden and live on an acre property full of fruit trees. I just try to be as organized as I can be with my time, and not worry about getting everything done I’d like to do. Including my languishing blog, lol!!

  14. Hope it ok to ask this here but I really struggle with the new Yahoo groups and trying to read the messages. I can only see 30 messages at a time and no matter how I try to scroll it wants to advance for me and then jump all the way back to the beginning. And I can be reading them (just from the message list) and all of sudden it starts scrolling and I have to find the message again. I don’t follow them like I want to because it is so hard. What am I doing wrong and how can I get past this? Are there directions somewhere? I just want to scroll down and review them as I want to and open only when I want to see the whole message. Feel free to email me.

    I really appreciate all of your help on the groups – they have been a lifesaver for me as I am not near my dealer, but regardless, no dealer is open at night when I am sewing and need help. I really can’t express my thanks and appreciation in words – so have given so much.

    • Phyllis, this is a good question, and probably best posed on the Yahoo Groups. Since I don’t read list messages from the group’s home page, I actually am not the best person to answer you, believe it or not! And, I’m betting if you have this question, there are probably several other folks a little too shy to ask on the list. So, please do post your question on the list. You can use an “OT In the Subject Line, and state it is a Yahoo Groups question. Perfectly okay to ask on the list, and I bet you’ll get some great answers back right away 🙂 And thanks so much for your very kind words, and so glad you’re enjoying your list membership!

      • Thank you very much. I will post it because used to read the posts on several lists every day and now I just can’t keep up with it because it takes so long and I feel like I’m getting dizzy from all the jumping around – lol.

  15. By the way, I enjoyed reading your blog and really learned some things there also. I recently ordered some stretch Maxi-Lock and am anxious to try it. Thanks again!!

  16. Hi Patty, I am a member of the Yahoo Designer Gems and 6d Embroidery groups. Found your blog today and will happily be following you here.
    So helpful to have your knowledge and wisdom.
    Warm Regards, Sarah

  17. I am so ready to give up my Viking designer 2 and move on to another brand. I’m retired and don’t have the funds for another machine, but that’s just to tell you how frustrated I am with Viking. I have the Designer 2 and have purchased the software so that I can digitize my designs. I went to a class many years ago and found it very confusing and now can’t find the booklet I got to refresh my memory on how to digitize. Anyway…..can you direct me to a tutorial on how to digitize on my machine? I have searched the internet and when I click on info that deals with designer 2, a topaz or some other machine comes up. Help!

    • Well, Arlene, you cannot “digitize” on any embroidery machine that I am aware of. That has to happen in embroidery digitizing software, such as 6D Premier (the full Premier package includes 6D Design Creator, the digitizing module). So, this may be why you’re feeling a little frustrated! I would encourage you to join the 6D Embroidery Software list on Yahoo Groups. Digitizing is a skill that has a fairly involved learning curve. It’s not impossible to learn, but you do need to stick with it. There are several after-market tutorials out there to support learning to digitize with 6D, so we can help you over on that list. Here is the link (you’ll need to create a Yahoo Groups ID if you don’t already have one, in order to join): Yahoo Groups 6D Embroidery Software List

  18. I’m new to the yahoo gems group. I’m having fun and learning a lot too! I also am a retired registered nurse. It’s amazing how many nurses are sewing these days. I have a DDR and I’m looking forward to the Epic.

    • Sally, very glad you found our wonderful Viking Designer Gems group on Yahoo Groups! It’s a great list and I am sure you’ll really enjoy yourself. We look forward to seeing some pics of your projects, be sure to post them up in our most recent month’s photo album! We love the inspiration. And, the sewing industry did a very large survey a few years ago. They found the #1 career amongst sewers, quilters and machine embroiderers were teachers with nurses right on their heels (just 1 or 2 percentage points apart, if I remember correctly.) I think it has to do with people who like to take care of others. We make things often mainly for others, so it really is just an extension of our caring selves, I think!

  19. Hi Patty,
    I have Premier + software on Windows 10. Is it possible to make an applique from a design? I called Viking Vantage & they said all you can do is audition different fabric for an applique.
    I tried to register for your side, but it sends me to Word Press & wants to know my website.
    Thanks for your help,

      • Hi Patty, I do belong to the Premier Plus Yahoo group. I have Premier Plus Embroidery Extra 11.2.1 although I thought it was Premier+ Ultra.

        Will try to find the information about making an applique there. Thank you, Sharon

        On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 9:44 AM, Patty Sliney: Master Your Machine wrote:

        > patriciasliney commented: “That depends on what version of the Premier > Plus software you own, Sharon. I would encourage you to join the Yahoo > Premier Plus Embroidery Software Group: > > We’ve talked about how to ” >

  20. Hi Patti, long time since we’ve been in touch. I think of you so often and wish you were still around when I need help and other times as well, I miss all the knowledge you have rolling around in your head and still envy you. I’m guessing by your blog there are no grandchildren in your life. I think of your husband playing in the sandbox with Carter, you should see him now. Of course I need some help. I want a design digitized and have been asking Brenda for 2 Years now. Hoping you can suggest a place to have this done. Simple design, just writing and outline. Hope this will bring us back in touch cause I sure do miss you and thing if you do often. By the way, picture is gorgeous.

    • Hello, Marlene! So good to hear from you!! I would recommend doing a Google search for “embroidery digitizers” or “embroidery digitizing services”. Or, ask Brenda or Lin if they know someone in the area who provides digitizing services. You can look for commercial embroidery stores as well – anyone who does commercial embroidery should also offer digitizing services as well. You can do that Google search by typing in, “commercial embroidery services near me” and see what comes up. And yes, we’ve got a darling granddaughter who is almost 2, and her little sister is due to arrive in a couple of weeks! And hoping to have a 3rd grandbaby very soon as well. So, life has been very good to us!

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