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Easy Pattern Weights

Easy Pattern Weights

Okay my lovely followers, just a quick little post about a non-sewing but sewing-related project I decided to undertake a while ago.  Something I’ve always wanted to have, but just haven’t been able to carve out time to complete – pattern weights!   Pattern weights are a great option to have on hand, to use with fabrics that are either very delicate, and may not be suitable to pinning, or for fabrics that are very shifty, making it hard to keep the fabric from squirming around during the pattern pinning process.  There are lots of great free tutorials out there on the Web about making your own pattern weights.  Using all sorts of creative materials.  For me, after checking out a lot of really interesting options, I decided I liked how the large, heavy washers worked, when wrapped in ribbon.  They would have a hole in the middle, which makes it easy to pick up and place or replace on the pattern, and the hole can be used to store the pattern weights on the wall, on pegs.  Which is always a great option for me, as I have limited drawer storage space in my rather smallish sewing studio.  They are smooth, you can make them pretty, and they were fast and easy to make. So, follow along with me on my pattern weight journey!

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