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Wondrous Weaving!

Wondrous Weaving!

Okay my patient followers!  I haven’t posted for a while, but wanted to talk about a project that I decided to tackle, since I am such a fan of Matthew Boudreaux, aka  #MisterDomestic .  Matthew, along with Tara Curtis, who created the cool tool, Wefty Needle to use with fabric strip weaving, I’m doing a fun little Weave Along on #MisterDomestic’s web site.

I’ve been fascinated with fabric strip weaving for a while, now, after seeing Matthew’s incredible, breathtaking woven coat he made for his little daughter (take a gander, here: Matthew Boudreaux’s Amazing Woven Secret Agent Trench Coat).  Now, I have sewn for, well, let’s just say decades.  Many decades.  But this was Off. The. Hook.  I had to check this guy out.  He has the energy of 3 people, and let’s just say his little daughter is one very lucky little girl!!  After seeing this incredible coat, I just had to investigate this fabric strip weaving thing.  That led me to Tara Curtis, whose web site is equally inspiring, @T_Jaye Modern Weaving.  Tara also has a really great YouTube channel, where she teaches how to fabric weave.  Between Tara’s web site and YouTube channel, it’s impossible NOT to learn how to fabric weave, she is a brilliantly talented gal.

So, between Matthew’s infectious personality & boundless energy, and Tara’s detailed & talented teaching and tools, it was simply impossible for me not to learn how to do this.  Here’s what I made, and super excited about turning this very cool weave into a very nice tote.  One of my Viking Designer Epic List talented list members, Judy S. posted a photo recently of a “Poolside Tote” she made from Noodlehead.  I have this pattern, and just haven’t carved out time to make the tote, but realized it would be perfect for the weave, so that’s my end goal – to use the weave as the back panel for this tote.

First, I had to select my fabrics.  I decided upon Art Gallery Fabric’sRound Elements” for the weave and lining, and for the rest of the outer fabric for the bag, I selected Bari J’s Joie de Vivre Collection’s “C’est la Vie Winter“, also by Art Gallery.


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