Been a While…

Been a While…

…since I blogged, my lovely blog followers.  So, thought I’d take a quick minute to post a new entry about some of my projects, and do some introspective musings with y’all, because you are all so very understanding and sympathetic!

You know, life goes on, and with that journey, one can have moments of contemplation.  Serious contemplation. Maybe life-changing contemplation. I’m at one of those “moments” of my life.  My job may be in flux, and, “at my age” (hate that phrase, but sadly apropos in my current situation), it makes me take pause to do some serious self-inspection.  What should I do??  Ooh, I feel really like I am at that proverbial crossroads in life.  It’s hard when you’ve invested decades into a career and have been able to achieve a fair degree of success and thus, obtained a certain income level that allows you to enjoy life in a fairly comfortable manner.  And, being on the older side of adulthood, now, there is that tendency to be looking over your shoulder a bit, knowing I could easily be replaced with someone younger and cheaper.

So, I’ve hit that un-sweet spot in life, and it’s making me think.  A lot.  About what I want to do with the rest of my life, and what is going to make me truly happy.  We have an awful lot going on in our lives right now, with a wedding on the horizon, our first grandbaby on the way, so I am very happy about my personal life in that regard.  Deliriously happy, in fact.  We’re gaining an incredible son-in-law that we adore, who will make my my baby girl very happy.  We are going to finally get to be the grandparents we’ve longed to be, and my oldest daughter and her husband are going to become the parents they have longed to be.  My middle daughter is enjoying some really awesome career success.  So, what’s not to like?  Well, it’s that part of me that needs to feel fulfilled on a more personal, individual level.  I need to be productive, feel like I’m doing something fun, helpful, beneficial.  And frankly, I like the money I make from being in a professional field for several decades.  So, now to come up with a way to replace my income, but feel happy and fulfilled with what I want to do.  Such a quandary!  Certainly more to come on this front, no doubt.

So, enough about the boring stuff.  Now, to my projects.  What have I been up to these last few months?  A bunch of really fun projects!  Not only do I have a wedding and grandbaby on the horizon, but I have a a niece expecting at just about the same time my daughter is (they’re first cousins, 4 months apart, best friends and their babies will be 4 months apart, very cool beans!)  So, I just finished up her baby quilt top, and going to send it out to be machine quilted, since my quarters right now are too cramped to tackle machine quilting.  My dream would be to squeeze in a sit down quilting machine into my already cramped studio space, or, set it up in my garage.  Until then, out they go for machine quilting.  Very simple quilt pattern, “San Francisco Window Boxes” by Sweet Jane.  She has a nice little Etsy store front:  Sweet Jane on Etsy and I used ‘Clementine’ by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit Fabrics.  The background fabric is Kona Cotton in white. Super pretty, and since my grand-niece will be a little girl, I think very appropriate, fun colors.  Love this fabric collection to pieces, and no doubt will be making more things with some of the extra fabric I have left over.  Here it draped over my quilt board:


And, some close up photos of the blocks:

IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863

I found a wonderful longarm quilter, Teresa Silva.  I love her blog and follow it, Quilting is my Bliss Blog.  She is delightful and very talented.  So, as soon as I get the binding and quilt label done, I will be starting another baby quilt, oh joy, oh joy!  Have waited what feels like an eternity to be able to make baby things, I can hardly stand myself, hah!!  So, the next big project in the line up will be the baby quilt for my daughter,  It will look like this:

Daysail Charm Quilt

I came across this quilt when I was Googling for a charm quilt pattern using Daysail fabrics by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. I had settled on this fabric, then started looking around to see if I could find a nice pattern that used 5″ charms. Up pops this photo and I say, “that’s it, that’s the pattern I want!!”  This darling quilt pattern was created by another wonderful longarm quilter, Darby Zackory who also has a nice little blog, The Quilted Squid Blog.  She used a great tool to make this quilt, and I have to say, I have this little love affair going on with the gals at Sew Kind of Wonderful Blog, the makes of the Quick Curve Ruler, the aforementioned cool tool.  You can make some very cool quilts with it.  Darby came up with this pattern herself, and I just love it.  It is so charming, and delicate looking.  So, this is my next project.  With the very kind assistance of Helen from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  A phone call from Helen, and then Helen kindly sketching out how she thought the blocks were constructed, and emailing it to me, should get me far enough along to replicate this cute quilt.  Hope my daughter and son-in-law like it as much as I do!

And, to wrap up today’s musings and meditations, I have yet another quilt in mind, in the holding pattern.  Same ruler, same love affair with curved piecing.  It is the ‘Twisted Blossom’ challenge Sew Kind of Wonderful posted a few weeks back.  If you scroll down to their July 17th entry, you’ll see some of Helen’s blocks.  As soon as I saw these made up with Anna Maria Horner’s BoHo ‘Folk Song’ fabrics by Free Spirit, I was hooked.  Here are the luscious fabrics.  Can’t wait to get started on this quilt.  It will be a throw quilt, and hopefully, my youngest daughter and her soon-to-be husband will like it!


My next blog entry will have some Daysail Charm Quilt blocks made up, and a few more decisions made by Yours Truly on what she wants to do with herself.  Until then, Cohen says, “Go sew!”



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  1. Here to tell ya’, there is plenty to life, after leaving the professional nurse role in the dust.
    Although, my background includes 35 wonder-filled, years of Mental Health Nursing, I just found a “new-to-me” technique. I’m so impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of “tapping” for stress reduction, it almost makes me want to go back to work…No, that’s an overstatement for sure!
    I respectively suggest you research “tapping solution” to help you transition.
    After all, if you can restrict your stress response when priorities are changing, problem-solving skills/creativity serge (sewing pun). Best Wishes!

    • Thanks, Joann, from a retired nurse, I appreciate the advice! I do think one of the tough things about making a career change out of nursing is the feeling (valid or invalid), that I am somehow “abandoning” patients. We spend so many years taking care of other peoples’ needs, that it is difficult to let that go. Without I think, so degree of guilt? I still am not sure if it’s that, or fear of giving up a nice salary, lol!! But, there certainly is more to life for sure. I think I need to identify what it is I want to do, mostly. That’s the big thing. So, more perusing is in order for me.

  2. Congratulations Patty on becoming a Grandma. I know exactly where you are coming from, this happened to me a decade or so ago I was at a quandary what to do with my spare time- the garden was established- and, quite by accident, I discovered quilting and machine embroidery and a couple of years ago I discovered Bridge at our local Bridge Club, this now takes up a fair bit of my time as there is so much to learn about the game. It is not a simple card game. Sad to add I do not have much time now for my sewing craft. I only sew when I have to for gifts. I too have now 5 little ones to sew for, they all came in the last 5 years. Best wishes, Rosemary, Brisbane Aus.

  3. Hi Patty, I am of that “age” and last year I reached a cross road much like what you are describing. After being out of work on medical leave for six weeks, I came back to my position in corporate American (31 1/2 years plus some) and realized I was done. Just didn’t want to do it any more and was happier at home recovery from surgery. I had planned to retire in two or three years, but decided to finish the year and say good bye. It was the best decision I could have made. The stress is gone. I am finally taking better care of myself and hubby. I love being able to learn something new and am now applying that to my hobbies (sewing and embroidery). I have always loved to read, but after 8+ hours on a computer, found it difficult to pick up a book and do much reading in the evening. That has changed too! I have a new granddaughter and, of course, that is pure bliss and gives me way too many ideas of projects to work on next. I certainly enjoyed the benefit of a good salary for all those years, but honestly, it’s been fine to step out of the work force and move into a new phase. Congratulations on your new son-in-law and grandbaby. Best wishes.

  4. Patty, congratulations on becoming a grandma!
    It is difficult to deal with change, but we must cope. Your quilting will keep you busy, and other family activities as well. You might consider taking a little time off, to think about things, and where they belong in your life. You will find that, as difficult as it might seem now, reflecting on the past and your patients will reveal that others still depend on YOU. Slowly that change will gel, and you will be sooo happy!



    • Thanks, Al. I’m a coper – I’m a nurse, so my life is all about coping and helping others to cope 🙂 But, when we’re faced with some of our bigger life milestones, it does always make one sort of take a step back, and ponder the things that are really, truly important. Will be taking a week off here soon, and plan to do a lot of pondering!

  5. Happy pondering, Patty! A change of scene also helps, sometimes. Whatever you do, don’t over-stress. I learned a long time ago that we are never challenged with things bigger than we can handle, even if it does not seem that way at the time.

    Above all, ENJOY!!!


  6. I come from a family where mom and all of my aunts, including my oldest sister and I have liked to sew, mother was a seamstress as well as my aunts, brides to regional dresses. I bought my machine to practice and learn more, I always made my clothes as I was younger, with moms help, god very spoiled about couture and now I want to learn more of all of what my machine can do.

    • I, too, came from a family of sewers, Nohemi! I learned first by sitting in my grandmother’s lap in front of her treadle machine. I remember being so scared learning to sew on that machine because it took a bit for the treadle to stop moving. Then, it was my mom’s little Featherweight, and eventually I was able to get my own machine. My grandmother and mother were couture sewers, and I still strive to be as good as they both were!

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