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Been a While…

Been a While…

…since I blogged, my lovely blog followers.  So, thought I’d take a quick minute to post a new entry about some of my projects, and do some introspective musings with y’all, because you are all so very understanding and sympathetic!

You know, life goes on, and with that journey, one can have moments of contemplation.  Serious contemplation. Maybe life-changing contemplation. I’m at one of those “moments” of my life.  My job may be in flux, and, “at my age” (hate that phrase, but sadly apropos in my current situation), it makes me take pause to do some serious self-inspection.  What should I do??  Ooh, I feel really like I am at that proverbial crossroads in life.  It’s hard when you’ve invested decades into a career and have been able to achieve a fair degree of success and thus, obtained a certain income level that allows you to enjoy life in a fairly comfortable manner.  And, being on the older side of adulthood, now, there is that tendency to be looking over your shoulder a bit, knowing I could easily be replaced with someone younger and cheaper. Read the rest of this entry