How to Save Built-In Embroidery Designs from your Gem to Your USB Flash Drive


We have had this question pop up periodically, on my Yahoo Groups Viking Designer Gems list, and the question came up again, a few days ago:  How do I save one of the built-in embroidery designs on my Gem to my USB flash drive, so I can edit it in my embroidery software on my computer?”  So, I thought it might be helpful to do a little blog post about how to save your built-in embroidery designs on your Gem, to a USB flash drive, so you can take the design to your computer, open it up in your favorite embroidery editing software (for me, that would be 6D Premier), to be able to edit in your software.  It’s really so very easy to do, and the steps are nearly the same for all the Gems. You can find these instructions on page 7:11 of the Royale User’s Guide, and in very close to the same place in the Diamond Deluxe and Diamond User’s Guides.  I’ll give you a step by step on my Husqvarna Viking Diamond Royale machine, and then I’ll try to list the steps for you on the Topaz and the Ruby as well.  So, here we go:

  1. First, plug in your USB Flash drive into your machine.  For me, I use a compact USB hub, so I have 4 ports instead of just one.  This lets me plug in more than one flash drive, as well as my little mini-mouse: IMG_4445
  2. Next, turn on your machine.  Make sure you are in Embroidery Mode.  Maybe it’s just me, being a leftie, but I always find this icon rather confusing.  It seems backwards to me: If you see the little sewing machine icon with the embroidery unit attached, it means you’re in Sewing Mode.  If the icon is just a sewing machine, it means you’re in Embroidery Mode.  Seems to me, the icon should display what mode you’re in, not what mode you’re not in, but, I digress.  Here’s what it should look like:                                                                                           IMG_4420
  3. Next, touch the Designs Menu icon up at the top of the toolbar (the little flower on the far left of the toolbar) to load the built-in embroidery design you want to save to your USB flash drive:                     IMG_4421
  4. Select the design to load it to the machine screen:                                                IMG_4422
  5. Now, touch the Save to My Designs icon (the red heart in the very bottom left corner of the screen):IMG_4422.1
  6. This will open up the Royale’s File Manager structure that will allow you to browse to different places to save designs.  Besides being able to save a design you’ve edited on your machine to your My Designs folder on the machine, you can also browse to your USB flash drive, to save the design to your flash drive:                  IMG_4423
  7. To browse to a different place than your My Designs folder, click on the white plus sign to the right of My Designs.  This will display a drop down window that will let your scroll to different places on your machine, or to storage media you’ve connected to your machine (such as your USB flash drive):                                   IMG_4424
  8. If you select the “USB Devices”, and if you have more than one storage media attached, the next screen will display all the flash drives, external hard drives, or computers you might have plugged into a USB hub.  If you only have your flash drive plugged in directly to your machine, only your flash drive will display in the sub-menu, as I have with my machine:                                                                                                                  IMG_4426
  9. Once you have touched the usb icon to select it, then touch the Open Folder icon on the right side of the screen.  All the contents of your flash drive will then be displayed on the screen.  You can see I have 5 folders on my flash drive, as well as one single design saved to the root drive of the flash drive:                  IMG_4427
  10. Now, if you think you might like to save more of your built-in machine designs to your flash drive, it would be a good idea to create a new folder on your flash drive you can use, to save your designs to.  That way, you’ll have a nice, organized set of machine designs, all sitting in their own folder.  Easy enough to do right on your machine!  Just click on the New Folder icon to create a new folder right on your flash drive:                IMG_4428
  11. You’ll now be able to type the name of a new folder to add to your flash drive.  I’ve called my new folder, “Machine Designs”.  Not very original, but easy to remember. Once you’re done naming the folder, click on “OK”:                   IMG_4431
  12. You’ll have a new folder, now, on your flash drive.  Touch that folder, then touch the Open Folder icon on the right side to open it up:                                                                                                          IMG_4433IMG_4434
  13. Once you have the folder open, touch OK, and your machine will save the machine design on the work field, to your new folder on your flash drive.  You’ll know because the machine will have it’s “thinking cap” on, and you’ll see your flash drive flashing as the design saves to the flash drive :                                    IMG_4435IMG_4436
  14. You can check to see if the design saved to your flash drive successfully, by browsing to the flash drive and new folder you just created.  Try to browse to the folder by following the instructions I’ve given you (a little test):IMG_4444
  15. Once you’re down, exit out of the File Manager, back to your Design screen.  You can remove the design from the field by clicking on the little trashcan on the right side of the screen.  You should see a blank screen:IMG_4420
  16. You can now turn off your machine and unplug your USB flash drive.  You’re all done!  Easy peasy.

So, for those that own the Ruby, here are the steps to save a design (edited or not), to your USB flash drive.  In the Ruby manual, these instructions can be found on page 7:7 of your User’s Guide.  For the Ruby Deluxe or the new Ruby Royale, these instructions should be close to the same place in your User’s Guides:

  • “Touch the Save to My Designs icon to save your edited design or design combination.  In the window that opens, select where you want to save the design. Select My Designs, My Files or an external device.  Designs saved in My Designs are available through the Designs Menu on the Toolbar.”

For Topaz owners, here are your instructions which can be found on page 7:6 of the Topaz 50 User’s Guide.  Same goes for all the various Topaz models – the instructions should be found somewhere close to this location in your respective User’s Guides:

  • “Touch the Save to My Files icon to open the dialogue for saving the actual design(s).  A new window will open where you can select where to save your design.  You can save either in My Files or to an approved USB device.  You can also create folders to organize your designs.  To change the name of the design, touch the rename icon and change the name.  Touch Save to confirm.  If you want to abort the save, touch cancel and you will return to Embroidery edit.”



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    • Violette, it is essentially the same. I no longer have my lovely Designer SE, so alas, I cannot provide you with step by step directions. But, there should be instructions in your User’s Guide on how to do this, albeit rather sparse.

    • Mary, I don’t have a Diamond Deluxe, but it is really the exact same steps. The screens might be a little different, but I’d try to follow my instructions and see if you can work through the steps.

  1. I have a question. Can we save our stitches to a usb drive? That would be lovely if we’re designing a crazy quilt block. This is a great tutorial. Thank you.

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