BFF Birthday Table Runner #1- Part 1



Okay my blogger lovelies, I promised an update on my BFFs’ table runners.  So, this is the first table runner.  Since my the first birthday falls in May, (you say, “But this is January for goodness’ sake!), I need to get started now if I expect to finish this by the time her birthday rolls around.  If I don’t get started way ahead of time, no accounting for the million and one interruptions that are bound to come up between now and then!  So, I had promised everyone that I’d post up an image of the EQ7 project, so, without further ado, here it is:

BFF 1 Table Runner

I haven’t put the points on the table runner pattern in EQ7, as interestingly, there isn’t an easy way to do this. So, I’ll just add them on, manually.  I’ll probably just machine quilt the 1/2 square triangles in the points, and I plan on adding a pretty decorative tassel on the end with some wooden and carved bone beads.  The tassels will button onto the back of the table runner, so they can be removed for laundering, if necessary.  The designs are from Embroidery Library, from two different categories.  The Fox in Crown.  Regal RoosterLaurel and Fleur de LisLaurel and Napoleonic Bee  and Crown of Napoleon design are from the “French Amour” category.  The French Rabbit is in the Rabbits category, even though he’s wearing a jaunty French beret.  Here are some images of each of the designs.  I’ve decided to go with black for the main color, and then #1056 Madeira, which is a soft reddish brown.  Sorry for the standard blue knit background.  If I had more time, I would have switched up my background in 6D, so the photos would have been on a cream woven fabric, but I think you will get the idea:

H2416 Black H2420 Black H2317 Black

H2384 Brown H2392 Brown H2377 Brown

IMG_3219 IMG_3218

So,  now the decision for the background fabric.  I have two choices – a lovely Irish linen in a darker cream, or, one of my most VERY favorite fabrics I just love to work with, a pretty Ivory Robert Kaufman Essex Linen Blend fabric.  Essex Linen Blend is a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton.  It has an exquisite hand, a tighter weave than most linens of the same weight (so it behaves well with machine embroidery), it wrinkles less, and works with 100% quilting cottons better.  It is just a pleasure to work with this fabric.  Confessing, am having just a wee love affair with this stuff.  Right up there with Robert Kaufman’s Radiance .  Robert Kaufman produces some very excellent quilting fabric collections, has an excellent line up of designers, and what I really like most about Robert Kaufman is their decision to produce fabrics a little outside the quilting box.  I love that.  Right now, leaning towards the lighter Robert Kaufman, since it would make the table runner a bit brighter and make the design stand out just a bit more. My BFF’s dining room is a little bit on the darker side, with only east light, so I’m thinking, “lighter is better”.  So, what do you think, so far?

Next step will be embroidering out the blocks this weekend.  That should go pretty quickly, as there are only 6 blocks, and these designs are not high stitch-count designs.  I’ll be using Floriani’s Heat N Sta as my stabilizer.  Signing off for this evening.

Cohen says, “Go Sew!”



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  1. Hi Patty,
    I think I like the lighter linen as I think it bring out your embroidery designs a little better. It is beautiful. Roberta

  2. I’m thinking the same thing, Roberta. I think I’m going to go with the Robert Kaufman Ivory linen blend. I also think using a cotton/linen blend will work better with the 100% quilting cottons. Great minds think alike!

    • Hi Jeanne, and no, I didn’t make that very clever little cat bed. The top unzips, and the bed is heated. It heats to 102 degrees, which is the body temp of a kitty. My little guy is getting on in years (9), and I noticed that he’s started to follow the sun around the house, sleeping in the sun shining in through the windows. So, decided he deserved a “bed upgrade”. He loves to sit with me in my sewing studio/office, so I wanted him to be as comfy as possible.

  3. Thanks Patty for all your help and advice. Your so talented, knowledgable also. Trying to think of another adjective but with settle with knowledgable.

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